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Interiors & Spaces

Hands-on : Nikon D750

Nikon D750   September 12th 2014 saw the announcement of Nikon D750. Every time Nikon makes a new product announcement I find myself on their page reading about what it is even if the product doesn’t fit in my line of professional photography. It takes me a 2 minute glance over the ‘Primary Features’ section…

Lonely Planet Magazine

Some of my commissioned work on Lonely Planet Magazine India  

Turning Pro– Wildlife

On an ongoing basis I receive a handful of emails each day from young aspiring photographers expressing passion for wildlife & photography. Their emails translate to one question in broad; “How do I become a wildlife photographer?” Although context of the emails also raise the question of becoming a professional wildlife photographer, most of the…

BALI – A dozen temples & a few more

Temples in & around Bali are such a fantastic sight. Nestled beautifully in awe-inspiring natural surroundings sure get me visiting them each and every time I find one along the way. Skilfully stone crafted sculptures, Balinese macaques guarding them, temple priests and of course the locals frequenting to offer prayers & offerings. Balinese in their…

Nikon 1 | J1

September of 2011 saw the announcement of Nikon’s first mirrorless interchangeable lens compacts (MILC). As for me I had long awaited an announcement of this series by Nikon and was among the first to receive one from Nikon India. Please note: all images in this article have been made by me using the J1, I…

Trail of the Tiger- Ranthambore N.P.

Having visited Ranthambore Tiger Reserve first in 2006, the dry deciduous forest with its steady Tiger population has grown on me following each revisit. Spread over 392 square kilometers the reserve is home to various species of Indian wildlife besides the Tiger. In the wild spotting a Tiger is always the cherry on the cake…

First Impressions: Zeiss 1.4/55mm Distagon

The Carl Zeiss Distagon 1.4/55mm, Zeiss has incorporated an entirely new design for the lens specifically for use on more demanding higher mega pixel cameras like the Nikon D800/800E. And for the same reason I tested the lens on my Nikon D800 to be certain of the sharpness as each pixel would count here. The…

Photography at Kanatal & Mussoorie

Photography workshops & Travel; the most recent ones were to 2 beautiful foothill destinations of the Himalayan state of Uttrakhand in Northern India. The workshops were in collaboration with Club Mahindra at two of their beautiful Resorts in Kanatal & Mussoorie respectively, as the venues. I am an independent photographer & have followed my passion since the…

The Retreat- Baiguney, Sikkim

I had varied expectations from this place. Several Google searches prior to my arrival at Baiguney didn’t reveal much info, even to the extent Google maps didn’t bring this place up on the map either; but its there!! Expectations are a part of Human instinct, as for me upon hearing that I had to be in Baiguney…

Types of Digital Cameras

This is an excerpt from my Digital Photography Workshop module: Discover Your Camera; an Introduction to Digital Photography. It has been compiled by me to help aid you in understanding the various types & technologies of Digital Cameras available to you. Types of Digital Cameras Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) This camera is named for the reflexing…

Discover Your Camera on Sikkim Express

About Discover your Camera

Discover your Camera- Sikkim

Introduction to Photography: Sikkim This workshop is for everyone looking for a great introduction to the fascinating world of photography. Join professional photographer Vishal Sabharwal as he shares his experiences & insights on how to make photographs that stand out. Discussions with real world scenarios helping you learn to make the most out of your…

Photographing Water Drops

Many a times we have watched those mind boggling documentaries on slow motion photography, be it a bursting water balloon or a bullet being fired from a gun. The Frames per Second (FPS) required to see that kind of action varies. For example, a water balloon being punctured can be photographed comfortably at much lower…

Wildlife Photography

In Wildlife Photography, what distinguishes a decent photograph from an excellent one? It is patience to wait for the right moment, the dedication to capture it and the knowledge of knowing the difference. To predict the movements of wild animals is by trying to understand their behavior, the more time you spend the better you…

Tribal India – Meghalaya

Tribal India is a series I’m working on across the 8 beautiful North Eastern states of India.
In this article I give you a glimpse into the 3 major Tribes of Meghalaya!

Wildlife Photography on HT Horizon